Wicked King - Julia Sykes

Wicked King

By Julia Sykes

  • Release Date: 2020-01-21
  • Genre: Thriller


“There’s no stopping me, kitten. You’re mine now.”

For over a decade, I’ve denied my desire for Carmen Ronaldo, the sister of my greatest rival. She’s the princess of the Ronaldo Cartel, and as much as I’ve craved her, she’s always been forbidden fruit.

When I decimate her family’s organization and claim their territory as my own, I finally take everything I’ve ever wanted; including the woman who has been the object of my twisted obsession ever since we shared a single, passionate night all those years ago.

My feisty little kitten might hate me for taking her as my captive, but she’ll surrender herself to me. She’ll learn to obey my every command.

The longer I keep her on my leash, the more I come to understand that her rage is a protective barrier to shield the truth of her vulnerability: my sweet pet is afraid of the monsters that inhabit our criminal underworld.

If safety is what she craves, I’ll provide it for her. I’ll employ the most ruthless methods to earn her devotion, no matter who I have to kill to ensure that she’s mine forever.

My cage will be her refuge, my rules her fortress.

Carmen is no longer my enemy. She’s just mine.

Note: Wicked King was previously titled Kingpin’s Property.